Yu Ho Jin Teaches Magic On The Go




Yu Ho Jin has handpicked the most practical, hard-hitting tricks that can be performed anytime and anywhere in his exclusive Magic On The Go. By end of the tutorial, you are always “On the Go” to perform magic, anytime and anywhere!

The tricks taught are assisted by FISM 2015 winner, Kyoung Doc (DK). There are many original ideas taught in this course, each catering to different audiences. These tricks are audience tested by Yu Ho Jin himself to achieve maximum impact. Furthermore, you will be able to perform world-class visual magic with everyday household objects with minimal practice.

Tricks taught by Yu Ho Jin will enable you to:

Learn one of the best and easiest way to make a fish appear (no TT used)
Learn one of the best impromptu torn and restored napkin effects
Read people’s minds with no chance of failure
Learn an easy-to-do book test using any book available
Slow the movement of TIME