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X Cards by Lee Earle Presented by Alexander Marsh




X Cards by Lee Earle is a fantastic effect that allows you to know things about your spectators that you couldn’t possibly know.

Nothing is ever written down, so this is the ideal trick to break up a mentalism set, it feels totally different, yet you’re still reading their mind!

This easy to learn technique gives you access to things like their birthday, their starsign, their address, even their bank details.

You can discover all this information without the need for any technology at all, just a simple stack of envelopes and the knowledge you will acquire from watching Alexander Marsh give an entertaining and enlightening exposé of this well hidden gem.

The effect plays like this:

– You ask you participant to take out their driver’s license, but to hold it facedown so you can’t see any info. This is sealed in an envelope which is kept out of your reach.

– You place your license in a second envelope and propose a fun game, THEY will try to be the mind reader and guess your address!

– They OF COURSE guess incorrectly, as mind reading is a pretty tough skill to learn. You offer to show them how it should look…

– Without any moves or going anywhere near their envelope, you can reveal any of the aforementioned info!

X Cards will teach you how to make use of a technique which previously required lots of arts and crafts, but there are no arts and crafts here – The effect is very close to impromptu!

(You could set this up in a second under the table, or as you walk across the room – It’s that quick and easy!)