Vinny Grosso Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
Stage/parlor Act:

Marked Cards – a comedy presentation recounting Vinny’s Tasteless routine where he fooled Penn & Teller by tasting a card…naked

Tossed out Words – an adaptation of the tossed out deck using words

Medium Exposure – a version of mental epic that does not require anything to be forced at the end

Name a Card – simplified version of a name appearing on a spectator’s thought of card. (lecture includes versions for corporate work)

Hostage – an updated In/Out rope routine with handcuff ending

Also Discussing:

Both of his “Fool Us” acts explained, their genesis and behind the scenes stories from “Fool Us”

Mentalist vs Magician – thoughts, tips and ideas for magicians performing mentalism routines within a magic act

Business Card Mentalism – adaptation of mental epic and psychometry for business cards