Verbatim by Mark Elsdon,Ran Pink & Colin McLeod




Imagine having the ability to read someone’s mind from thousands of miles away. Verbatim will allow you to have someone think of ANY word from a selection of books you have NEVER seen before. You then deduce – letter by letter – the exact word that they’re thinking of.

You can perform this on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or in person, with literally ANY book. There’s no setup, it’s completely impromptu, it’s easy to do – and you WILL be doing this immediately.

Verbatim is the latest creation from Mark Elsdon in collaboration with theory11, Ran Pink, and Colin McLeod.

Featuring 21 minutes of expert, HD streaming video instruction by Colin McLeod, this book test will be a staple in your repertoire for years to come. Whether you are performing in person, or on a video call with someone on the other side of the world, you can perform a mind reading miracle at a moment’s notice.