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Twisting the 13 Plus by Nojima




(Twisting the 13)
Magician displays 4 different cards (Ace through 4), then Ace is flipped over to be facing up, rest cards are facing down.
With the magician makes a magical gesture towards the cards then spread those cards…. WOW.. the facing-up card magically changes into “2”. Again, the cards are waved and spread…. The facing-up card magically changes into now “3”. And again! With another magical gesture, it changes into “4”!!!!

And again, and again, and again!! The miracles NEVER Stop… With another gesture, it changes into “5”. Every time he waves the cards, the facing-up card changes to “5” then “6”, then “7”, then “8”, then “9”…

Finally the magician flips over all cards.. This is nothing but MIRACLE… The 4 cards changes into “10”, “11”, “Queen”, and “King”!!

(Short Twist)
4 Aces magically flip over one after another…. Finally, they magically change into 4 Kings.

(Double Change)
4 Aces are placed over 4 King. With magical gesture, they magically arranged to be the pairs with the same suit. By waving two Jokers over the each pair, somehow with the special magic, the Jokers change into the same cards with the pair… Then, they finally return to Two Jokers.

Have you ever seen the 4 cards packet trick that Ace through King appear just in one routine?? I can clearly predict that you have never seen it before. An unprecedented & revolutionary gimmick allows you to perform this exceptional magic easily. On top of the original gimmick, you will also receive another unique gimmick for “Short Twist” and “Double Change”.