Truly Tied by Jota




The most clean, fast and ultra visual effect with shoelaces!

From the mind of Jota, a new idea where the illusionist clearly takes the corner of a card, ring or key, and in less than a blink of an eye makes it travel from his hands … to his shoelaces! And truly tied!

Available in BLACK or WHITE shoelaces.

Absolutely nothing to cover
No strange moves or any misdirection!
The spectators are looking all the time, and the effect is so quick and clean that they will believe they saw real magic!
It’s easy to do
Reset in seconds
Use it on any shoes
You can do it with cards, rings, keys or any small object
Spectators can check it very close and untie the knot themselves confirming that the object it’s truly tied!
The spectator takes his ring himself at the end.
It can be done surrounded