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Triple A Book Test by Marc Paul




Triple A Book Test by Marc Paul

Triple A is the easiest, gimmickless book test that’s possible with ANY borrowed book.

Marc Paul is one of the busiest mentalists alive today. Travelling all over the world performing at everything from small clubs to large theatres.

However, there’s one thing that always happens when he steps off stage… the challenge.

As magicians, strangers will ask to see a trick. Or put you on the spot.

As mentalists, the pressure is much greater.

They say “go on then. Read my mind”… Expecting instant results.

Triple A was developed for EXACTLY these situations.

With the ability to use ANY book that someone hands you it’s a technique that’s designed to deliver incredible reactions.

Triple A is:

& repeatable… you can do this over and over again.

For the first time ever on camera, Marc sits down with renowned mentalists Paul Book & Peter Turner, getting them to spill their secrets, nuances and tips on Triple A too.

After you watch this download you’ll be armed for life with a powerful weapon. The ability to divine any word from any book selected.

Something that you can perform anytime, anywhere and with zero preparation.

Let’s get ready to learn Triple A.