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The Solution by Michael Murray




“When I first heard about ‘The Solution’ from Michael Murray I knew I had to have it. The moment I heard the method I knew it was GOLD and I needed to add it to my Show ASAP. ‘The Solution’ is one of my favourite Rubik’s Cube routines that has ever been created!!” – Steven Brundage (Cube3)

“Michael Murray’s solution is one of the best things I have ever seen. The scripting is pure poetry and the revelation is staggering! When he shared with me the workings I was grinning from ear to ear!” – Peter Turner

“The Solution is an incredible effect with a diabolically clever yet simple method that is perfect as a stand-alone piece or an an addition to just about any Rubik’s Cube routine.” – Karl Hein (CubeFX)

“More Murray brilliance. Perfect scripting, invisible method and staggering revelation. I guess you could say I like it!!” – Mark Elsdon (Rubik Remembered)

“It’s one of those where you read it and think “why didn’t I think of that?”. Then when you take the time to appreciate the power and subtlety of the scripting you realise that only Michael Murray could’ve come up with this. Thank you for my new closer!” – Roddy McGhie

“If you want a five star Miracle for pro, you can do no better. I love it, it’s magic, a wonder and even with a twist real mentalism.” – Marc Salem

“The Solution is GOLD to the working pro…” – Marc Spelmann

“This is good, VERY good, This man is a genius!” – Lior Manor

“You sneaky b@$****! Damn, this is great.” – Joshua Quinn

“I love it!!! You are a genius, my friend.” – Haim Goldenberg


The solution is the very first ‘Spectator Rubik Solve’ effect ever to be released. Imagine handing a spectator a mixed up cube behind their back and seemingly giving them the ability to solve it.

Couple this with a transformationally engaging presentation and you have an incredibly astonishing effect that will be remembered by your audiences for a very long time.