The Reader’s Envelope by Lewis Le Val




The Reader’s Envelope is a new, multi purpose EDC (every day carry) tool for mentalists.

Made from just a single piece of A4 paper, the Reader’s Envelope is designed to not only carry a small amount of business cards or billets, but also allows you to secretly peek any information written by a spectator. The Reader’s Envelope can also, effortlessly, switch cards or billets.

With a construction time of ten minutes or less, your Reader’s Envelope can be used for:
– Mind reading
– Drawing duplications
– Telepathy
– Multiple outs
– Switches
And more.

In this video download you will receive detailed instructions on how to make your envelope, along with tips, advice and recommended handlings for various peeks and switches with the envelope. Le Val also explains some small changes you can make to the design of the envelope which will allow you to adjust the device to best suit your performance style.