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The Man Who Knows How To Amuse And Mystify by Jose Prager (PDF)





Jose Prager’s The Man Who Knows: How to Amuse and Mystify, is chock full of practical ideas that every working mentalist can slot right into their current performing repertoire. The ebook covers nearly fifty different routines as well as deep insight into not only how the effects and methods work, but why they work.

Jose takes a hard and practical look at mentalism and creates organic and natural pieces that answer the question most often posed by audiences: “Can you read my mind?”.

Jose also shares new twists and approaches on book tests, billet readings, “which hand” effects, coin tosses, truth/lie routines, working with ESP symbols, multiple outs, and forces, just to name a few.

You will learn new secret methods and concepts, for creating your own impression devices, ideas on using billets, peek wallets, reveals and forcing selections, often using no props whatsoever.

These are powerful tools that should be in every mentalist’s arsenal.

TMHKHTAAM is full of practical, real world advice which will take your mind reading to the next level. The next time someone says “can you read my mind?” you will not only be able to answer “yes,” but to prove it.