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The Legacy of Phantini with Richard Osterlind




Opener Book Test
The mentalist shows the audience two ordinary paper back books. One is given to a member of the audience and another spectator is invited on stage. Once on stage the spectator places a business card anywhere in the middle of the book the mentalist is holding and peeks at a page number and a word. After she identifies the word and a page number she writes the page number on the business card. The number she writes down is then given to the members of holding a book and they open their book to the page number on the business card. While the seated audience members opens their books at the page written on the business card the mentalist addresses another member of the audience and asks her to think of someone close to her and write it down and seal it in an envelope. The audience members with books write down the fist few words at the top of the page that they have previously opened to.

The mentalist jots something down on a pad of paper and reveals the thought of page number and word from the spectator who was brought on stage. Next he reveals the word written down by the spectator. Finally the spectator reveals the exact person that a member of the audience is just thinking of.

Psychic Symbols
Three spectators are invited on stage. The mentalist shows the spectators a stack of cards each with a different symbol on it. A fourth spectator is brought on stage and blindfolds the mentalist. Each volunteer on stage looks at a symbol from the stack and the mentalist correctly divines each symbol that the spectators are looking at.

The Moving Hand Writes
Two spectators are on stage. The mentalist shuffles a deck of cards, deals five cards to a table and asks one of the spectators to look at any of the dealt cards on the table. After he peeks at a card he mixes the cards on the table then the second spectator also peeks at a card. This is all done while the mentalist is several feet away. The mentalist tells both volunteers which cards they are thinking of and one of the spectator is asked to take her seat in the audience. With one spectator remaining on stage the mentalist shuffles the cards and hands the deck to the spectator. An envelope containing a single playing card is brought out of the mentalists pocket and placed on the table. The spectator deals cards one at a time into the mentalist hands and stops at any time. The card that he stops at matches the card in the envelope.

Incredible Insight #2
A paper bag and seven or eight pieces of paper from a newspaper. A volunteer selects a portion of the newspaper, crumbles up the piece of paper and tosses it in the paper bag. After that all of the other pieces are crumbled up and tossed in the bag and mixed. The mentalist then reaches in the bag and pulls out the exact piece that the spectator chooses and also reveals a thought of word from that piece of newspaper.

Micro Crypto
Spectators just think of one of several charms on a table. After they have thought of a charm you reveal it with out anything written down. As a finale they choose one of several charms and you are able to correctly predict which charm they will choose.

Phantini’s Magazine Miracle
Someone chooses a page freely from a magazine with a playing card. They put an X on that page. Another spectator looks at the X and chooses a word where the X has been made. With all those random choices their chosen word matches a prediction that has been in full view since the beginning of the routine.