The Gold Medallion by Al Koran presented by Richard Osterlind




Al Koran’s Gold Medallion is an iconic effect. It’s the type of prediction effect that fits in your pocket and can still play for an enormous audience. Performed in a variety of ways by mentalists around the world, Richard Osterlind shares Al Koran’s original method as well as some of his personal touches that make this a classic effect.

Here’s what happens:

The mentalist asks three different people in the audience to each name a single-digit number, recording each one clearly on a piece of paper.

Then the performer reaches into their pocket and pulls out a small jewelry box which contains a gold medallion. Inscribed on the back of the medallion is a three-digit number matching the audiences named numbers! Everything is examinable.

While there have been countless methods to do this trick, Richard walks you through Al Koran’s original method, and why Richard still uses that version in his show to this day. Using objects you can find around the house, you’ll learn a version that requires no special gimmicks and creates a powerful prediction. This is Al Koran’s Gold Medallion, presented by Richard Osterlind.