The Fortuitous ACAAN by Abhinav Bothra




We all know whenever the audience tries to reverse engineer or recreate a trick and fail at it; they conclude with a common statement – He must have done something sneaky.

T.F.A. :: The Fortuitous ACAAN works to counter just that. It brings wonder out of the hands of the performer at the same time ensures that the control always rests with him.

Here is how it goes :
A deck of cards gets divided into 4 packets and 4 people are given one small packet each to shuffle. Meanwhile 3 other people decide on the Number, Value & Suit.

The shuffled deck then gets collected and the cards are dealt face-up and the card right after the named number is the card the audience members collectively decided. hi

Features :
– Involves upto 8 participants
– Examinable Deck (uses only 52 cards)
– Cards can be dealt FACE UP
– Looks like a self-working wonder.

Honest Notes ::
Apart from the deck you’ll also need a notepad and a pen to jot down the decisions made by the audience member.

Pages : 8 pages
Video : 9 minutes