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Tarbell 98 Rope Magic




Tarbell’s “Basik” Rope Mystery: A quick cut and restored rope effect.

The Lazy Man Reformed: A very convincing display, where the spectator cuts the rope, and a quick restoration.

Henry Holava’s Rope from Hand Release: A penetration of a rope wrapped and tied securely around your hand. Strangely, it melts right through with just one sharp snap.

Block of Wood Release: A complete handling of a penetration of a large block of wood off a rope threaded through it. Performed without any cover.
The Priest’s Pearls: An endless scarf looped around and pulled through the performer’s neck for a quick, eye-catching opener.

Tarbell’s Rope Mystery Method 1: A spectator clearly cuts the rope himself into two obviously separate pieces which are tied together and magically melt back into one.

Tarbell’s Rope Mystery Method 2 & 3: An electrifying routine with an enchanted power cord that works no matter where you put the plugs.

Tarbell’s Rope Mystery Method 4: A method allowing you to cut and restore a ribbon not only once, but twice, and end with a completely examinable ribbon.

Tarbell’s Rope Mystery Method 5: A borrowed bill to impossible location. In this case, it ends up in the rope in the spectator’s pocket..