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Tarbell 100 Magic with Apparatus




The Siberian Chain Escape: An escape using a seemingly innocent chain that has actually been carefully prepared to allow you to release yourself quite quickly and easily.
The Mysterious Self-Filling Lota: A metal vase with the uncanny ability to re-fill itself, many times.
Tarbell’s Ball and Vase Routine: Dan Harlan’s Ball Vase routine which gives you many magical moments, and even fools when you explain how it works.
Tarbell’s Orange Vase Combination: A giant eyeball, or two, transforms and transports itself in this strange ball vase routine.
The Bran Vase: Transform shredded paper into money, party favors, decorations, and even a cake!
The Dove Pan: Burning money in a pan is transformed into fruit. The money is found inside the fruit.
Ching Ling Foo’s Magic Water Can: A jug which can make liquid appear.
The Welsh Rarebit: You’ll learn how to customize a hard-to-find prop to produce your own interactive cooking show.
The Magic Chocolates: Tasty chocolates jump from a glass, instantly back into its package
The Wandering Glass and Bottle: Three tricks are combined into one fast and funny routine with customized props and tons of terrific comedy moments, perfect for a partner act.
Tarbell’s “Society Special” Black Art Table: Learn to make your own versatile table helping you vanish, produce, and exchange objects as demonstrated by a surprising lemonade-making routine.
Super Vanish of Doves: A modern version of an instant vanish of any small animal