Takamiz Usui Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
Easy Vanish Spectator sees two cubes and chooses one. The other disapears.

Casual Bag Solve Just put the mixed up cube in a bag and it will be solved.

Completely Examinable Figure Change Magician and spectator examine all items. However, even so, it will change figure.

Scrabble cube
Twist cube
Omni cube
Circle cube
Mini cube
Flat cube
*These are variations on the figure change effect. There are two cubes. The one cube will transform.
Which is your dominant hand? The cube mixed by spectator will be solved.
Cube through the Table The spectator sign 2 cubes. One cube goes through the table.
Perfect Solve Cubes mixed by Magician and spectator will be solved.
Prediction The pattern of the Rubik’s cube mixed by the spectator is predicted.
1-1-6 One side solved, Another side solved, finally six sides solved.
One Color Cube Only the color imagined by the spectator will be solved in an unexpected form.