Synergy by Michael Vincent




Michael Vincent is back with another great collection of amazing material that is dynamic, powerful and designed to make you an expert magician.

Famed for his approach to sleight of hand elegance and his thoroughly captivating presentations, Michael truly is the epitome of style and grace in his approach to any magic he performs.

Join Michael, and his on-screen host Andy Smith, as they delve into fascinating subjects such as timing, misdirection, audience control, character and presentation. There are also in-depth conversations about the material covered, such as…

Sky Hooks – The CLEANEST vanish of three coins you could ever hope for.

Synergy – Michael’s preferred and updated handling of Kismet (one of Michael’s most talked about effects).

The Changeling – A most beautiful transformation of a playing card.

Tipsy “T” with a Bonus – After 30 years, Michael has arrived at a perfect interpretation of Triumph.

A Marlo Classic – Marlo’s approach to the famous Biddle Trick.

Pandora’s Paradox – A new finesse on Michael’s classic routine featuring The Vincent Card Fold.

Pasteboard Larceny – An idea started with great ideas by Steve Forte and Jason England. A powerhouse of ideas to make this routine an almost perfect demonstration of super human skill when cheating at cards.

The Lie Detector – This may be the GEM of this DVD. A classic plot featuring ideas by Ed Marlo, Larry Jennings, Alex Elmsley and others. A routine worth its weight in GOLD!