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Switch One by Christian Grace (Blackpool 2020)




What I am sure about, is that the main one (Switch One) is a thing of (dare I say it?) terrifying beauty, with a retention of vision which I simply could not see through. I was speechless. I watched Christian repeatedly pick up a folded business card and slowly and cleanly open it, and it was done. Had he not so generously shared some of the “work” with me (I was very persistent!) I would not believe it was possible. The hour I spent sessioning with him about billets was the highlight of a really great convention. With Switch One, in my opinion, Christian both improves the method AND changes the moment. Obviously, different circumstances require different tools, but Switch One seems to be the perfect tool for many of those occasions.

But the reason I am writing this is not because it’s a perfect and practical technique (I’d be happy enough to keep it to myself), but because Christian was such a nice and lovely guy, and a very solid thinker AND a super technician, and I’d like to see him (and people like him) be very successful. I highly recommend checking out the trailer for Switch One by Christian Grace when it’s released. I’m sure it will look beautiful on the screen. And I’d like to assure you that it looks just as beautiful in real life.