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Sudo – Hoshi’s Lucky Star


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“It is an absolutely perfect effect that takes people to a special place where real magic can happen. You’ve created something different, special, charming, and unforgettable. I now need to get a glass container and start making more stars!” – Richard Webster

“If you are looking for an engaging and deeply connecting effect, different from the usual act, then this is something that will set you apart. Highly recommended.” – Steve Drury

“This is a beautifully constructed routine. Hoshi’s Lucky Star is something I will do. It is a strong memorable piece. Thank you Sudo for sharing this.” – TC Tahoe

“This is a magical piece of theatre that will play beautifully in the hands of the adept storytelling magician. Highly recommended if you are a lover of the mystery arts!” – Ning Cai

Touching upon the notion of “wishing upon a star”, you ask your participant to think of any secret wish they might wish for if they were to do just that.

An origami lucky wishing star is introduced and you begin a beautiful and magical folktale which not only reveals how a young girl from Japan saved all the stars in the sky from vanishing forever, but also the origin of the paper stars and why they are said to bring good luck.

A fun and bewildering game which is tied to this story is then played with your participant where it is repeatedly shown that the lucky wishing star actually brings good fortune!

When finished, you ask the participant to hold the lucky wishing star in their hand and silently repeat their secret wish in their mind three times.You then hold the star on your open palm for a moment… and reveal their secret wish!

The star is gifted to the participant along with words on how to make their wish come true… but only if they truly believe.

This enchanting routine fuses mentalism with storytelling and focuses on providing a genuinely wondrous and transformative magical experience for your participant that they’ll likely remember forever. It’s suitable for an audience of any age, and doesn’t use a single move or sleight. In fact, the participant does nearly everything for you! If you can talk, you can perform this beautiful routine.

Originally distributed privately to only a small handful of people, Sudo has finally released this special piece to everyone. This is a beautifully designed and wonderfully illustrated 48 page manuscript which covers not only the effect itself, but also a discussion on storytelling and why it is of value to those in the mystery arts. The manuscript also contains new artwork and alternative options not present in the original given to those who received it from him privately. A bibliography of suggested reading material for those interested in pursuing storytelling further is also provided.

Hoshi’s Lucky Star is, quite simply, a truly unique and enchantingly beautiful piece of real magic!

Comments from early purchasers and receivers:

“It’s just brilliantly beautiful.” – Mark Goldstein

“Emotive story-telling. Everything that personal, intimate mentalism should be. A work of art from Sudo.” – Derek Heron

“Multidimensional, Beautiful, Brilliant, Profound, Heartwarming with food-for-thought pointers for continuation at the end. Thanks a million Sudo for another unique masterpiece of true magic !” – Goochelen

“Hoshi’s Lucky Star is a beautiful piece of storytelling magic. A rock solid routine with a combination of simple techniques that leads to a very magical experience for the spectator. These techniques can easily be used for other routines, however the one provided is so well crafted and fitted to the routine it is a joy to perform. I highly recommend this if you are looking for an inspirational one on one effect.” – Dan Clark

“Hoshi is my go-to effect when I want to share a wonderful story and create a treasured memory for someone. This is a true gem!” – David Eichler

“Sudo, THANK YOU! To say Hoshi’s Lucky Star is a magic trick or mere mentalism material, would be like saying that the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling just has a picture painted on it. You have shared a performance piece that can bring about emotions, allowing a special moment to be felt and remembered. It is hoped that when someone else presents this, that the bit of soul you put into creating this, in some way, reaches out and touches those who are gifted that little star. It is also hoped, that those of us that present this understand what a powerful gift this is you’ve gifted us.” – Wrayvn

Wow, I love this kind of magic! Sudo strikes again… and the result, again, is effing beautiful, simple, and meaningful. There is no way a spec walks away from this experience without feeling like they’ve been touched by something magical.” – Seth Cauthorne

“Beautifully written and designed, and the effect is charming and magical. It’s a wonderful piece, end to end. Thanks for all your contributions to the art and the community! Sudo, *you* are truly a gift.” – Matt Packard

“This is a wonderful piece of art. I could go on and on about all of the little touches, the simple yet devastating method, the script itself. If you’ve been following Sudo’s releases over the past few years, this meets the expectations that one might expect from him.

As mentalists (and magicians), we have a wonderful platform to share our thoughts with others. In this case, I can’t wait to take Sudo’s routine and share it with my audiences. And no, I won’t be performing this in my paid performances. Not because it’s not good; it is a wonderful piece. This will be one of those special moments that I save for one-on-one. And it won’t be used to make me look good, or to show off my skills as a mindreader. This will be used to create a memory for my participant that they won’t soon forget.

Thank you Sudo. This, along with all your other contributions to the art, is fantastic.” – Rich Orvec

“Hoshi’s Lucky Star is a piece that provides an indelible “moment” for someone that they will likely never forget. Sure, there is a little bit of “clever” going on here; however, the “clever” part is dwarfed by the “forever” part. The “forever” component is where the effect essentially allows someone to believe that actions that are all of their own choosing/control can achieve magical moments for them. While I think that it is a common belief that life’s magical moments are rare, Hoshi’s Lucky Star leaves a spectator with a hope and belief that magical moments will be more frequent/plentiful in their life going forward. This is a piece of magic. However, it is more strongly a piece of hope, real hope. Simply brilliant! Kind of like a star.” – Frank (Boboswitch)

“As usual, Sudo has once again gifted us with a fine piece of magical theatre; simple in method, and yet complex in possibilities. This is what magic should be all about . . . providing inspiration in other people’s lives . . . one person at a time.” – Philemon Vanderbeck