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Secret Language Vol 1 by Helder Guimaraes (PDF)




In January 2020, Helder released the first volume of book Secret Language, a compendium of his work and philosophy in Magic as an art and craft.

+ 40 Chapters
+ 15 Techniques
+ 15 Professional Routines
+ 5 Essays
+ Theory pieces on Construction, Composition, and Performance
+ More than 700 photos
+ Only 1,000 copies


1. Pivot Double Turnover

2. The Retention Change

3. The Henry Christ Spread Switch

4. Effortless Palm

5. Divide and Turn

6. Visual/Non-Visual Switch

7. The Table Add-On

8. The Choreographed Switch

9. Convincing Force

10. The Glamorous Turnaround

11. Revolve Replacement + Spread Replacement

12. Perpendicular Spread Control

13. Revolve Diagonal Palm Shift

14. The Secret Turnover

15. The Choreographed Card Steal


1. Oporto Opener

2. The Opposite

3. Professional Hour

– Suspending the Disbelief

4. Mystery Switch

5. Liar’s Truth

– The Psychology of the Secret Switch

6. The Empty Space

7. One Mistake

8. Crossing the Mirror

9. Inside the Tell Room

10. Unexplainable Understandable

11. Invisible

– Simplicity

12. The Only Path

13. The Restless Joker

– 2+1 Structure

14. Midas Touch

15. Synchronicity


1. Magic: Concept, Expression and Approach

2. Construction: Intellectual and Emotional

3. Life: Internal and External

4. Composition: Unity, Harmony, Balance, Contrast and Emphasis

5. Performance: Movement, Rhythm, Order and Style