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Sean Waters – Ponderings


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Sean Waters – Ponderings
This 50-page PDF ebook contains six effects and two essays. Ponderings includes: new methods of suggestion with cards, a routine based upon interpretive psychology, an effect with a dollar bill and even an easy, but effective, “con” demonstration. I am confident that you will thoroughly enjoy the effects, but the astute reader will discover the real value between the lines. Most can be performed close-up or stand-up, one routine is primarily a “theatrical piece” (but could be applied to close-up). These routines demonstrate a philosophy of performing mental effects. There is also a thought-provoking essay on the use of “pure” techniques and why we should attempt them.
Red-Handed – The most direct suggestive card force in print
Washington DeCeived – A memory effect takes a left turn at Uri’s place
HTP – A design duplication with a difference
K?nt – Completely mental presentation for the K.E.N.T. method
The PC Principle – An effective use of embedded commands and an essay
Double Malt – Don’t knock it, ’till you try it
Why Try? – An essay regarding one benefit of using “pure” methodology
Avalon – A coincidence imagined (complete with conversational hypnosis)
Sean Waters material rides at the top of Mentalism’s ‘New Wave’…
— Bob Cassidy -Performer, Author and Co-Founder of the P.E.A.
Absolutely brilliant! Are you kidding? It’s too good to share! Thank for the brilliant, brilliant routine.
— Gabe Abelson -“Emmy Award” winning writer, performer, United States
Very, very clever! This can be played as a miracle. I have used your idea many times; great reactions everytime. I would love if nobody else ever found out about this. I’m greedy when it comes to stuff as good as this. I have impressed countless reporters, venue owners and regular punters with your clever thinking!
— Peter Carroll – Performer, Ireland
Thank you for allowing me to read the text of your forthcoming publication. It has some bold and intriguing ideas that sound as if they would go down extremely well. The item about the dollar note was completely new to me, and tempts me to move from the UK to the US just to make use of the dodge. You deserve to do well with Ponderings, and I wish you the very best of luck with it.
— Lewis Jones – Performer, writer, creator, England
Sean is putting many of these more esoteric (read SCARY) techniques into practice in a very simple and workable manner. His writing is clear and easy to understand and I’m kicking myself for not reading him sooner. Sometimes an extremely clever performer will make their rounds beneath the radar and enjoy relative anonymity for quite some time . . . not so in Sean’s case. He’s busted!!! Waters, you have my attention!
— Jerome Finley-Author
“It’s not often I find more than one effect, presentation or sleight in a book which perks my interest and/or imagination, but ‘Ponderings’ has given me more than a handful of wonderful thoughts. Sean Waters has released some very clever, practical and smart routines that I use in my own working performances – which you can now enjoy too.”
— Paul Vigil-Performer, Creator
“10 out of 10”; “Ponderings is one of those rare offerings to the mentalism community that proves we just don’t have enough adjectives to describe really great, truly great, pieces of work…
— R. Shane, Editor of Online-visions Magazine
“The difference between Sean and 90% of all the psychic entertainers is that Sean actually knows what he is talking about.” (In regards to psychological techniques, “tells” and body language).
— Charles Pecor, Actor, Performer, Author
I got this one and I’m happy with it. The book is full of interesting thoughts and makes for an enjoyable reading!
— Paolo Cavalli, Author of “Omicron”, “Upsilon” (and more)
Excellent. If you are serious about mentalism, get it!
— Gary Hennessey, performer
I can only echo the good things that have been said about Ponderings. It’s excellent in every respect and several items from the book will be finding their way into my performing repertoire very soon.
— Ben Highway, Author of “Truly Subliminal”
For $30 this is amazing. I Told Sean I thought he could easily charge $40-$50 for it, and I am not exaggerating. There is a lot of great material here and I can’t recommend it highly enough. And yes, I paid for it, and Sean has not asked me to write this, I am doing this because I think it is a brilliant book.
— Thom Bleasdale, Author of “Tommy Pad” and contributor to “The Secret”.
This is a great e-book bottom line. Sean put soooo much thought and work into these routines! Absolutely wonderful “worker” material here.
— Rick Roth, Outlaw-Effects
“…this is one of my BEST purchases this year!”
— Alex McAleer, performer