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Scott Alexander Penguin Live Online Lecture 2




What will he teach?

Signature Invisible Deck
The classic invisible deck but the card invisible card, signed by you in invisible ink appears reversed in the deck and it is the only card that is signed. Then you can give the deck away as a souvenir.
Acid Reflux
A totally safe take on the Russian Roulette plot with four glasses of water and one very dangerous glass full of sulfuric acid. You use your mental powers to solve the mystery or end up with a bad case of Acid Reflux.
This is Scott’s super clean handling of the classic Lemon, Egg, Walnut and Bill trick. This is a no-fumble, sure-fire method sure to leave the audience stunned.
A Slice of McComb
This is the McCombical deck, but with some real consequences. If you don’t guess the right card Scott is thinking of, you get a Soprano’s manicure. You pick the finger.
Card Under the Table Cloth
This classic gem from Matt Schulein is worked over by Scott Alexander and is one of the most overlooked yet powerful table side endings to any ambitious card routine. This leaves them with their mouths agape!
Epic Deck
A new version of a color changing deck that combines the best of the invisible deck, mental photography and the Svengali all in one pack.
Scent of a Woman
Smell the magic as the four queens that have been scented with fragrances by four different members of the audience are discovered on the point of a knife blade. Women have stabbed him in the back before, but now it’s his turn. This is a funny and novel version of the Malini Card Stab.