Robert Temple Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
Robert Temple is a highly successful, full-time hypnotist who performs regularly for private gigs as well as in his own theater show. And, in this very special Penguin Live lecture, he gives you a thorough master-class in the fascinating, and often misunderstood, world of stage hypnosis.

He uses a typical, easy to understand hypnosis act to show you the basics of suggestibility tests, inductions, bits, and how to wake your volunteers at the end. You’ll learn various ways to put people under, including his sure-fire see-saw induction, and the classic, instantaneous hand-shake re-induction.

Plus, you’ll learn how to make your subjects believe they’re on vacation, enjoying some free drinks… or snuggle up to their neighbors to keep warm…or even forget simple information, like how to count to ten. You can even make someone forget his own name.

And, you’ll even see how to stage bigger bits, like turning someone into rock-n-roll legend Elvis or pop-sensation Madonna, and they won’t remember a thing. But, as Robert Temple shows you, hypnosis is about so much more than the on-stage antics. He’ll strip away the mystery to reveal how it works and give you multiple ways to insure that it works reliably for you. You’ll learn how belief and psychology directly impact your results. He explains it all in easy-to-grasp language and concepts to put you on the right track.

So, if you’ve ever thought about putting together your own hypnosis show, but you weren’t sure where to start, you’ll find an incredible foundation right here.