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Roasted by Iain Bailey




Imagine this; You ask them to think of any drink, and a celebrity that they would like to share this drink with.

After a moment of concentration you write a couple of words on a napkin and toss it face down towards them:

“Would you be impressed if I’d written your drink on this napkin?”

They of course agree, but when the napkin is turned over to reveal the words “Your Drink” they can only laugh at your terrible attempt at humour.

FEAR NOT; before they grind you like a coffee bean, you were just building them up to knock them right down with your finale!

You explain that really this was REALLY all about the celeb they freely named – When they look underneath the cup that’s been sat on the table from the start, the name of this celebrity is written in PERMANENT ink! (It can even be a different colour to the pen you were using!)

There are no forces and no restrictions; you can predict ANYTHING that will fit on the bottom of a coffee cup and you can do this with any take-away cup in any restaurant or cafe in the world!

The gimmick will take you mere moments to set up and then you will be ready to go at all times – There is nothing to find; the method here is so perfect they will be scratching their heads all the way up to the counter to buy you a refill.