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Richard Webster – Scryer’s Soothsayers – Neal Scryer


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The final in the trilogy of the incredible successful line of the Scryer Project that focuses solely on “readings.” The first foray into this genre was the tome Scryer’s Band of Readers a book that still is available ONLY in the private market (as is the case with all Scryer’s book). Band of Readers is a 473-page book printed in 2013.

Almost 10 years later Richard Webster and Neal Scryer decided to go back into his genre and the first book of this series was Scryer’s Seers, followed by Scryer’s Eidolon (both books are available at the very bottom of this page). Now the last and final edition of the trilogy Scryer’s Soothsayers is available.

Scryer’s All Stars Featured in Soothsayer:

  • Loyd Auerbach
  • Richard Webster
  • Steve Drury
  • John Stetson
  • Jeremy Weiss
  • Scott St. Clair
  • William Barclay
  • Zac Barkowski
  • Larry Baukin
  • Charles Garner
  • Tony Iacoviello
  • Helmuth Grundwald

Soothsayers is a 248-page book that features gold nuggets from readers all over the world. Many of which are known but a good number of which are relatively new contributors and even some featured for the first time. This project was a collaboration and time-consuming mission that required a canvassing carried out by some of the more well known names featured in this book, who searched out other readers and then qualified and quantified their work to see if it had solid substance to be featured within. Here are the 13 that were chosen for this final edition of Scryer’s Readers Trilogy.

  • Alexander Blackwood
  • D Cleveland
  • Louis Castilo
  • Dimon
  • Alphonse Durand
  • L Espectro
  • Graveyard Johnny
  • Julie Ann Johnson
  • Michael Mercier
  • Evan Reida
  • Charles Snake
  • The Tarot King

Neal Scryer contributes 11 of his own features such as:

  • Scryer’s Esoteric Coin
  • Scryer’s Throw a Stone (A Greek Homeric-era practice of anathema).
  • Scryer’s Healing Doll II
  • Scryer’s Lavender Ritual
  • Scryer’s Dream for You
  • Scryer’s Cappuccino Reading – which is one of his most powerful and reactive readings which causes a reaction in coffee shops and can serve as the perfect vehicle to gain new clients
  • Scryer’s Give a Star
  • Scryer’s Pendulum Blessings from the Universe
  • Scryer’s White Noise Love – Healing Manifestations
  • Scryer’s Third Eye Healing Manifestation
  • Scryer’s The Wall
Below are little teasers of some of the contents inside this last book of the trilogy series:
Scryer’s Healing Doll II – An incredible ritual using a doll to heal a table full of incredible journey in healing for all. They will be talking for a long time about their experience.
Scryer’s Give a Star – So easy and incredible response giving your client their own star at no cost they will love you this one is that good mums the word.
Scryer’s Wall – This reading is so powerful you will give readings as long as you want. This took much work and has never been shared until and now it’s his pet baby – worth the price of the book. Note in back month Richard gives monthly numerology readings for month . You may scan pictures from book and your on your way to stardom in the psychic business.
Loyd Aurebach – Loyd has outdone himself again priceless contributions golden treasures he is a genius. One of the most knowledgeable people in the world. Loyds clearing a house or other space is literally worth thousands. In the right hands you can make a fortune.
From the Prophets Mouth – Zac Barkowski – It don’t get sicker and stranger using a tooth that’s been removed. This one the bizzarists will be twisted.
The Tree of Death Sentence – Louis Castillo – You read right it’s a journey to getting a poisonous leave a game they will be shaking and heart palpitations that scary when your life in stake. They will be terrified in this game of chance.
Healing Light Ritual Meditation – By Dr. d Cleveland – He has returned, and is a master practitioner. Here he has contributed several of his most powerful works. Priceless a thousand times over.
The Healing Breath – Scott St. Clair – This one is kick ass, the best and simplest healing in existence. Scryer uses this these days and gets standing ovation. One would pay BIG just for this simple arsenal.
The Quadrant Reading – Dimon – This reading is brilliant a true masterpiece it don’t get better! One of the smartest things to ever come to print.
The Less System – Steve Drury – Another masterpiece of a reading from the master himself.
Hallucinations – Helmuth Grunewald – One of the geniuses in existence and the author of hugely successful “Through the eyes of Hannussen and Messing” which is a brilliant book. This is so good I almost wish it wasn’t in book. Only a few “in the know use it.” You will have to read the book enough said.
Thanks for the Memories – William Barclay – Another gem of a reading so meticulously constructed from one of the great minds out there.

Jon Stetson – Several contributions from the master himself. These alone are powerful contributions from a work to another worker. Jon is full time, all the time.

Richard Webster – Again these alone are priceless to continue to praise everyone will be a book by itself Richard’s work is so amazing we can’t put a price on them they are that good.

Orniscopy – Dr. Jeremy Weiss – Reading and interpreting the flight patterns of birds. Another priceless piece. Never has anything been published as such – another master at work.

The Readers Pendulum – Julie Ann Johnson – Masters of masters a genius and 50 years ahead of her time. This is the real thing they will not stop talking it’s that good.

Ok that’s it guys plenty more but buy the book can go on forever …