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Ravi Mayar and Fraser Parker – Inference (10 Second Name Amnesia)


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10 Second Name Amnesia
By Ravi Mayar & Fraser Parker

Ravi Mayar has been secretly working on a body of work in the field of pseudo Hypnosis for the past couple of years. He recently shared an effect from this work with Fraser and instantly blew him away with how effective, devious and outright clever it was.

Performing over the phone Ravi was able to cause Fraser not to be able to say his name with just a few simple words.

Fraser knew instantly that this was something he wanted to perform and began to work out his own version with Ravi right away based on the core method at work.

In Fraser’s opinion, the effect and method Ravi shared is ingenious. It happens within a few seconds and is completely self working due to the words you use. This is a sure fire, bullet proof way to create the illusion of instant name amnesia without the need for any inductions.

Those who you perform this for will believe you have a real influence over their mind and are able to instantly cause them not be able to say their name with just a few words. It will appear as if the spectator has forgotten their name and is no longer able to say it. Then just as quickly as you caused it to vanish from their mind you bring it back, so they can once again say their name.

The illusion is perfect!

They will go away believing in your powers of influence, convinced that what they have just experienced is real mind control.

In this booklet you will receive both Ravi and Fraser’s teaching, encompassing their different styles and approaches to this effect. You will be learning from a Master Hypnotist, NLP practitioner and Mentalist in order to be able to do what they do, just as effortlessly.

Many years have passed since Fraser released his seminal work entitled ‘True Mysteries’. This was a game changer in the field of pseudo Hypnosis and trance illusion. It is thanks to Ravi and this wonderful method that Fraser has once again decided to share work on this subject.

Both Ravi and Fraser are excited to be able to finally share this secret which has already been met with praise by a few of their close friends and peers.

Now it can be yours!