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Principle by Peter Turner




In the age of lockdown and cancelled events, Magicians and Mentalists are rushing to discover the most powerful, useable and fooling material to perform online.

With the inability to share props with spectators, or their potential reluctance to interact with them in future, having some easy propless miracles is a MUST.

In Principle, Peter Turner explores the principle behind 3 of his favorite effects.

You’ll learn how to:

Reveal a thought of name
Enable spectators to guess your pin correctly
Learn how to force an image

All of this material is completely propless and can be performed in-person or via video chat.

You’re not just learning the 3 tricks, you’re learning the principle behind them to allow you to create your own incredible effects too.

Why is that important?

We all learn sleights in magic, or effects in mentalism, but a lot of us don’t know how to use them or transfer that knowledge to other areas.

The double-lift is good on its own, but so much better when woven well into a powerful routine.

Principle unlocks hands-off digital deception by not only giving you the food, but giving you the recipe to make it for yourself too.

Severely underpriced and definitely underused… This is Principle.