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Power of Poker by John Bannon




The Power of Poker is a great new poker routine you will love. You give the spectator a completely free choice during every step of the routine and yet you win the game. To top it off, you show a prediction which forecasts EXACTLY who will get each hand! No, this is NOT the 10 card Poker Deal (which is a great effect by the way), but an entirely different principle. Best of all, it is self-working and you do it with ordinary cards. You can learn the routine in minutes and you can’t go wrong. I love the clever psychological touches that make it so convincing. I rarely add a new routine in my performances, but this one I will certainly use in close-up, intimate situations!” – Richard Osterlind

“Bannon’s Power of Poker is a neo-classic. It has and will stand the test of time. Even for those who don’t do gambling routines this is a bullet-proof, must-have in your arsenal.” – Raj Madhok

“John Bannon’s Power of Poker will make you look like a psychological card expert; and you’ll have the written prediction to prove it!” – Cody Fisher

Imagine a ten-card poker deal with no false moves where the audience makes all the decisions. With everything out in the open and as fair as possible not only does the performer end up with the winning hand, but that winning hand was predicted from the very beginning.

In Power of Poker there really are no false moves and no gimmicks required. A very clever script and routine created by John Bannon appears to give the audience all of the control. But you win and match a prediction every time. This isn’t your average ten-card poker deal. This is Power of Poker.