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Pin Thief by Jamie Daws




The idea that someone could know your deepest darkest thoughts is terrifying. But someone knowing the PIN to your bank account is even more frightening!

You ask the spectator to write down their PIN number. However, because of the sensitive nature of what is about to happen, they should change one of the digits. Once done, two more cards are introduced and on each, the performer has written “Computer Password” and “Internet History”. Two more pieces of information the spectator might not want people to know!

The spectators PIN is mixed into the other two cards so that no one knows where the spectators information is. Then, the performer manages, to discern which card has their sensitive information without looking! All three cards are placed in the spectators hands and the performer now delves into the vaults of the spectators mind and reveals their PIN!

Not only that, but the performer then whispers in the spectators ear and tells them which number they changed!

Finally, for a truly kicker ending, you prove that now you have their PIN, you can also steal their card. With a brush of the hand, the spectator discovered they are now only holding 2 cards!! Their PIN number has vanished and is found inside the performers pocket or wallet!