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Paul Vigil – ICON


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Icon by Paul Vigil

Effect: A multiphased coin routine that uses the power of the mind for three miraculous phases, combining a prediction which a telekinetic element as well.

Review: There is nothing out there like ICON. Let me say that again.

There is NOTHING out there like ICON.

ICON, created by Diplopia inventor Paul Vigil, is the most supernatural and theatrically engaging coin effects I have ever seen. It’s starts off as a hardhitting prediction effect, which by the way is an ingenious handling of a classic plot in mentalism, and ends with the most bizarre coin bend you will ever learn.

ICON requires a simple gaff, available at any magic shop or joke shop for about $3. For the final EYE-CON phase, you will need a much more expensive gaff which many magicians will likely have. Anyway, it is not necessary to include it in the effect at all, but it will surely strengthen the climax.

Now, the ebook: You can tell that so much thought went into everything included with ICON. For a simple three-phase coin effect, Vigil has written a thorough and comprehensive 32 page ebook with clear colour photos. I am also thrilled to report that Vigil really took the time to do his research on the history and background necessary. Everything is perfectly laid out… very proffesional. He even includes some great quotes, acknowledgements, and sources for the moves used in ICON.

The effect is explained flawlessy, with every move laid out painstakingly for sure-fire practice and understanding by the reader. You will not have any trouble whatsoever with learning the effect, and that is a guarantee. If you own Diplopia, you’ll know what I mean when I say the method is laid out just like you are being taught in person. This is admirable.

The effect itself is nothing short of genius. People really will belive you have psychic powers, and you prove it in multiple ways using multiple psychic skills. Imagine a perfect prediction of a coin… now, imagine the most visual psychic coin bend you will likely ever learn… NOW, imagine there is a forcefield around the coin that totally prevents a spectator from touching the coin. Everything stated is true, and if you have the gimmick necessary, you CAN do the ending. It is the perfect mentlaism routine that explores many powerful areas of mentalism all in one routine. I have a feeling that at least the first two phases of ICON will become part of your repertoire.

This routine is perfect for virtually any setting: Restaurants, Close-Up, Parlour, ANYTHING. This is a must-have effect for mentalists and magicians. The only drawback is that the last phase isn’t achievable without an expensive gimmick, but it really isn’t needed. The second phase is definitely strong enough to play on it’s own. The second phase, the coin bend, is one of the most visual mental metal bends I have ever seen. The coin NEVER leaves sight. It just remains balanced you the magician’s finger and is seen to slowly warp.If you have been searching for that effect that will really make your audiences think you are a real magician and establish credibility among laypeople, end the search now and pick up a copy of ICON by Paul Vigil.

Overall I give this effect a 9/10. ICON has definite potential to make an everlasting impression on your spectators. They WILL believe. Highly recommended.