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Pack Rat By Lidden Li




Make cards appear visually!

Pack Rat is Lidden Li’s visual handling of the classic Collectors plot created by Roy Walton. On this project you will learn two incredible ways to produce three selections in between the aces using pure sleight of hand. Lidden will teach you all the ins and outs that you need to know in order to accomplish this classic effect so you can amaze people everywhere.

Handling 1: Three spectators select a card and remember it. The cards are lost in different areas of the pack. The magician introduces an ace of spades and places it on top of the deck, and just as the card touches the top of the pack the other three aces magically appear on top as well. The 4 cards are removed from the pack and with just a wave the selections manifest themselves interweaved between the aces.

Handling 2: Three selections are shown spread face up on top of the deck. The magician removes the cards from the pack and gives them a wave, instantly all four aces visually appear out of nowhere sandwiching the three selections between each ace.

Both handling’s work well together as one big set, or as their own stand alone trick. Also each unique ending can be added to the collectors routines you currently perform adding so much value and versatility to these routines. Grab your aces and start learning Pack Rat today!