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Oracle by Ross Tayler and Fraser Parker (PDF)





Oracle (Zakuna) is an ingenious peek method by Ross Tayler and Fraser Parker.

This is their perfected solution for the use of a physical peek method within the context of believeable performances of Mentalism/ Psychic entertainment.

A spectator writes a few general ideas down on a piece of paper and then fold the paper into quarters and place it onto the table. Then without any moves or tears the performer is able to gain instant access to the information.

That’s right. All that is used is a piece of normal folded paper that always stays in it’s folded state!

It is never torn, buckled or unfolded in any way, yet you are always able to naturally gain your peek without needing to rush or worry about getting caught thanks to Ross and Fraser’s devious psychology and the routining they apply to this ground-breaking peek.

This peek is best suited to more casual, intimate and conversational performances within the context of psychic entertainment and with the aesthetic of a psychic reading.

And it is for this reason Ross and Fraser believe this to be the perfect peek tool – for this type of situation – when used in the right hands.