One Card Link by Sixten Beme




Is it possible to link ONE CARD to itself? That question has been in many magicians’ mind for years. Some have tried and presented different ideas, but not the perfect solution — until now!

When Sixten Beme presented his Complete Card Link 25 years ago, it was a sensation among card workers all over the world! That time two cards were torn in frames and linked together. A really strong effect indeed, but Sixten wanted to go a step further. After years of experiments and prototypes the final solution is here: The One Card Link!

What the spectators see:
You take one card, fold it in half, and tear out the middle of the card. From the frame you have left, you tear out a new inner frame. Now you have two frames from one card.
Fold the last frame around the “leg” of the first frame. Let go and the frames link into each other!! One card has linked onto itself!!

The effect is incredible!