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Neal Scryer – Scryer’s Eidolon


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Scryer’s Seer’s started out as a project that grew exponentially into tombs of content. The Annemann of the Occult – Final Edition – is now available for purchase. Containing so much more seances, readings, bizarre magick, etc.

Eidolon: Early 19th Century from the Greek eidolon an specter or phantom or an idealized person or thing. Greek literature – an Eidolon is a spirit-image of a living or dead person: a shade or a phantom look-alike in the human form.

50% of This content comes from the original project, the first foray was Scryer’s Seer’s. As such this is a continuation of the original book. Because there was new added material and the volume exceeded, they decided to make it a two-part project. This is the last of the series. Everything that is needed for you, a lifetime of work can be found in both the original and this final edition – Scryer’s Eidolon. This will be the LAST contribution of this series – which started with Scryer’s Seer’s.

Fact: the content in this final edition has been reviewed by authorities in the art comments range from; “every bit as good as Scryer’s Seer’s with some stating (in totality) better! The two books together – will become legendary.” Absolutely required reading for anyone in the art.

Stats: Featuring over 200 pages, in the 6 x 9 as in the first edition Steve Drury has graciously provided the artwork for this title as well – being both projects are related. Scott St. Clair also returns with contributions with inside graphic. The title was also from the prolific mind of Steve Drury.  Loyd Auerbach returns for this final edition.







  • Essence of Your Breath
  • Scryer’s Power Animals
  • Three Spiral Bound Notebooks
  • Burning Herbs
  • Scryer’s Quick and Easy Past Life Regression
  • The Power of Bay Leaves
  • Scryer’s Healing Doll
  • Scryer’s Cleansing Arrow
  • Scryer’s Invisible Pendulum
  • Scryer’s Bottles of Water
  • Scryer’s Make Your Dreams Come True
  • Scryer’s Automatic Writing Séance
  • Scryer’s Talk to Your Guide
  • Scryer’s Invisible Magic Pill


  • The Half-Way Through Foreword
  • Spell Caster


  • Psychic Protection
  • So You Want to do a Séance at a “Haunted” Restaurant (or Other Haunted Location?
  • Odd Things Happen at Haunted Places When Conducting a Séance
  • Ghost Hunting Basics for Séance Workers and Psychic Entertainers
  • A Note on Haunted Dolls
  • What’s a PK (spoon-bending) “Party” and Why Would I Want to Run One?
  • Seances, Mediumship, and Channeling: Some Alternative Themes


  • Ashes of Swami Sesrad


  • Flight Angels


  • Soul Collector


  • The Hidden Wealth in Flea Markets


  • The Ayahuasca Ceremony
  • The Best Metal Bending Routine


  • The Carnival Worker’s Séance


  • Attracting Love Elixir
  • Bring Money into the Home Elixir


  • Staring at Goats


  • Graveyard Tour Readings


  • A “Haunted” Doll’s Head for Divination


  • Ouija Readings
  • Spirit Trumpet
  • Photographic Evidence


  • Thresia


  • Dummy in the House
  • Automatic Chalk Writing
  • Your Soul is Mine
  • Little Boy Séance
  • Phone Message from the Other Side
  • When a Child is Born
  • Three Publicity Ideas


  • Reverse Advertising
  • Atlantean Crystal
  • Million Dollar Reputation Maker


  • Kitchen Witchery


  • The Seven Good Luck Steps


  • Spoon Unbending


  • Gentleman Jim


  • The Beat Goes On – A different approach for stopping one’s pulse – never before seen!


  • Ten Mini-Workshop Ideas
  • The Power of a Name
  • Messages from a Psychic
  • Lucky Coin


  • Wisdom and Opportunity are Signaling You


  • The Zombie Ritual


  • Psychometry from A to Z


  • Scryer Speaks returns – Featuring Vignettes from Scryer this are known as “Scryer’s Speaks” and were also included in the Scryer’s Seer’s. Useful and emotionally Moving Metaphors …
  • Scryer’s Power Animals – Few people know anything about them. Scryer’s power animals is very strong and something very few know about. Neal uses this for them to gain knowledge and help them in their everyday lives. He includes all his power animals and how they are used, the meanings and how he incorporates them in phrases. The Fox – the fox has magical properties most are not aware of, right now you can start manifesting anything you want. Be cunning and aware of your situation. This is just a short example.
  • Past Life Regression: This Powerful meditation helps people open the door to discover a previous lifetime.
  • Scryer’s Healing Doll: – Neal’s Healing doll may be his most prized possession. A masterpiece for healing and helping others.
  • Scryer’s Cleansing Arrows – a healing cleaning routine that can be performed with ease
  • Scryer’s Invisible Pendulum – You read it correctly – you don’t need a pendulum, everything is done impromptu, and everything plays in their minds.
  • Scryer’s Bottles of Water – Priceless! Nothing needed but a bottle of water – when the spectator drinks it first and the healing process starts, in symphony the taste of the water changes – the water changes its taste. The water is tasted and then when it re-tasted after the healing process the taste of the water has changed – for the better – enough said.
  • Scryer’s Automatic Writing Séance – Has served Neal well he has two different ways of doing this, he teachers Automatic Wiring to a group as part of a psychic workshop, these methods will serve you well for workshops.

As stated above MORE including:

  1. Essence of your breath
  2. Three Spiralbound Notebooks – This is Neal’s signature read – over the phone.
  3. Burning Herbs
  4. The Power of Bay Leaves
  5. Talk to Your Guide
  6. Make Your Dreams Come True

Other Contributes – We are so excited to have Lloyd Auerbach return with us on this final edition. What Lloyd has contributed is a book in and of itself.

  • Do a séance in a restaurant that has a reputation of being haunted.  Just this contribution alone has the potential for a windfall of cash.
  • Odd things that happen in a haunted place when conducting a séance.
  • Ghost hunting basics for psychic entertainers
  • A Note on Haunted Dolls
  • What’s a PK Spoon Bending Party – and why would I want to run one?
  • Séances mediumship and channeling some alternative themes.

Here are some more details from contributors and what to expect.

William Barclay – Ashes of Sawami Esard – Another masterpiece by William Barclay

Zac Barkowski – Flight Angels – Imagine talking to your angels 30,000 feet above seal level.

Dr. Cleavland – Soul Collector – this is the closest thing to making an pack with the devil.  A real ritual from the 1600’s.  Guaranteed to causes chills up their spines.

Devil’s Disciples – The hidden wealth in flea markets – image being granted any wish!

Dimon – Ayahuascha Ceremony – hypnotic induction with do drugs or alcohol using only the powers of the mind.  One of Dimon’s most intense!

Tony IACOVIELLO – Staring at Goats – Tony was understandably reluctant to share this is a no chemicals version of Hypno Heat.  This is really worth the price of the book. Pure Platinum and Pure Genius

Graveyard Johnny – Grave yard tour readings – This has been a windfall for Graveyard Johnny there is never a shortage of demand not a better venue Graveyard Johnny know this all to well.

Julieann Johnson – A haunted dolls head for divination Julie is making her debut  in a Scryer Book and her first contribution is so overwhelming intense it won’t be her last contribution for sure.

Dr Skitso – Dummy in the HOUSE – Vent Figure products all the Q & A Readings in your own parlors one of the most brilliant and sensational routines you will ever witness or perform.  He is also making his debut for this book

Richard Webster – Ten minute workshop ideas – this alone is your ticket to supplemental income.

Michael Webber – The Beat Goes On – This is the most brilliant pulse-stopping I have ever witnessed.

Dr. Zombie – The Zombie Ritual – Another PRICELESS contribution – where one becomes a zombie.  An absolute MUST read…

Dr. Snake – Million Dollar Reputations Maker – this one is priceless.  Such a prolific mind.  You will make a lot of money – if you’re smart you can apply this and make a fortune.   After a illustrious career he has decided to reluctantly contribute.

Plenty more contributions not included within this description that features true gold.