Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser By Raj Madhok (PDF)





We’ve known Raj Madhok since before the invention of Vanishing Inc. He has been a friend, trusted editor, and “title-giver” for many of our projects. Over the past three decades he has contributed effects to most of the magic journals of our time. A few years ago we asked if he would produce a booklet of his mentalism.

Well, that time has come.

Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser is a 54 page, soft cover book containing nine of his favorite effects. Most are close-up and impromptu, but can play bigger – including an intriguing chair test for the stage, but it can also be done close-up!

Imagine being able to tell someone their birthday without writing anything down or seemingly asking any questions. You’ll also learn how to divine the best friend of an audience member, alter someone’s sense of touch, subliminally influence a choice of objects, and describe a book and a specific word created only in someone’s mind! A handful of invisible M&Ms and two baffling card effects round out this collection that uses subtleties rather than sleights.

We’re delighted to finally be able to offer you Raj’s mentalism in print and we hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do.