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Michael Rubinstein – The Ultimate Rattle Purse


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Michael Rubinstein – The Ultimate Rattle Purse

Coin purse is not only necessary every coin magician used to hold coins , combined with a lot of coins to help you achieve the process .

The Effect
A new utility item that is a MUST for all coin workers. This purse can be used to carry your coins but at any time in your routine, coins can be vanished, to arrive back in the purse!

Coins can arrive in the purse, coins can come out of the purse magically, and due to the special magnetic properties of this purse, it can be used to hold out a coin or even be used as a chop cup! The magic is up to you!

This beautifully crafted purse is made from genuine leather and measures 2 1/2 “tall (not including clasp) x 2 3/4” wide. (6.25cm x 7cm).

Includes Companion DVD with Moves and Routines.

DVD Contents:

Double Turnover Click Pass
Slap Down Click Pass
Click Pass Drop Down
Fake Purse Load
Clip Steal
Pull Out
Pull Out Drop In


Standup Sucker Copper Silver
Coins Across
Three Times Coins to Purse
Michael Gallo – Coins Across to Purse
Michael Gallo – Rattle Purse Vanish