Michael O’Brien Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
Standing Close-up Act- Oftentimes situations come up where table space is limited or in some cases maybe even nonexistent. What do you do when you have no table space to work on? This is where reimagining your routines and ideas to work sans-table will become a life saver in these
Michael has put together a completely table-free act that features some of his favorite classic
plots in close-up magic, including: Chinese Linking Rings, Sponge Balls, Triumph, Purse Frame Magic, Deck Switches, Prediction Effects, and MORE! You will also learn how to adapt effects you already perform and make them suitable for table-free situations in both formal close-up or strolling environments.

Effects Included:
-Have You Seen My Purse?
-Mini Deck
-PCAAN (Pocket Card at Any Number)
-Tour de Force
-Strolling Chop Cup
-Hatline Prediction
-Card to Pok├ęt