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Mentalism Magic Collection by Amanjit Singh


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This is a special compilation of 5 of Amanjit’s

Sequence: You hand over an envelope to your spectator and they place it in their pocket. You take out a deck of cards and give them half of the pack to shuffle while you shuffle the remaining half. You then join the two packs together and spread them across the table. The spectator opens the envelope and finds a picture of a deck spread across a table which is in the exact order as the one which you and your spectator have just created!

STACKS: A stack of business cards is presented. The spectator is asked to name any number between 10 and 20. You count out that number of cards and spread them across the table. To further narrow down the choice, the spectator makes a series of choices and finally chooses one card. The spectator turns over the card to find that it is the only one marked while the rest are all blank.

Time is Money: An amazing mental miracle that you can do anytime, anywhere. The total amount in your wallet exactly matches the time which your spectator has been thinking all along!

OddChoice: A spectator picks the only red card from a packet of 5 random cards. A spectator picks the only black faced card from a packet of 5 random cards. A spectator picks the only odd-backed card from a packet of 5 random cards. The possibilities are endless… once you know the method!

Be My Friend: Forget everything you already know about Instant Stooging. This method is so simple, that it might just fool professionals as well. It hides in plain sight and goes unnoticed when performed smoothly. This method can be used in a variety of mentalism effects as well. Guaranteed to make you smile once you know the method.