Menny Lindenfeld Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
Visual Magic and Mentalism that can be performed on Stage or Close-up.

Alpha Coin- A borrowed coin jumps out of a wine glass into the magician’s hand.

Beta Coin (Bending)- Bend signed coins in the spectator’s hand. Gimmick and non-gimmick methods taught.

Gamma Coins (Bending)- Then, multiple borrowed coins are bent, while isolated in a wine glass.
15 coins are collected from members of the audience. The coins are collected with a wineglass.
Then a few coins are bent inside the glass. Then some more… until all the coins are fully bent.

Mind over Plastic- A Plastic Spoon Bending Routine that Looks better than a metal spoon bending!
A super visual bending effect, where a plastic spoon, held at the fingertips, slowly and visually bends more than 90 degrees upwards.

Nail Bending Routine- Bend a large solid steel nail that can be given out for examination BEFORE & AFTER or even a souvenir.

Card in Glove- A card through window type effect that can be performed anywhere with just a deck of cards and a latex glove. A freely selected & singed card is lost in a mixed deck. The deck held by a spectator is tossed up in the air. The flying cards are hit with the magicians’ open flat palm, causing one card to penetrate the latex and appear inside the glove. It’s the selected & Singed card. A very visual effect.

Sleight of Foot- A dramatic signed card to shoe that makes for a powerful show closer.