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Meet The Jack By Jorge Garcia




Jorge Garcia better known to many as The Jack has performed and lectured in over 20 countries.

He’s a regular face on television in his native Argentina and has also performed at the world famous magic castle no less than 6 times!

On his first DVD The Jack shares 8 of his favourite and most powerful Mentalism creations and performance pieces, including To Lovecraft, Jorge’s brilliant and acclaimed version of the classic Pegasus Page effect.

Each effect is performed in front of a live audience and later joined by Peter Nardi they dissect and explain every effect in great detail back at the Alakazam studio.

It’s time for you to Meet The Jack!

Routines Included

To Lovecraft

This is the Jack’s awesome take on the classic Pegasus Page effect. The great thing about the Jacks version is that you get to give the book away at the end!!


The Jack predicts the outcome of a three person game of Rock, Paper, Scissor. This effect packs so small yet plays sooo big.

Project Fear

Using your abilities as a mind reader your manage to tap in to your spectators innermost fear

A Think and Stop Card Trick

This is The Jack’s go to impromptu effect. Perform it with any shuffled deck. No memory, no set up and no sleights!

One Head

Another effect that packs small but plays huge! A multiple prediction effect that’s a sure fire winner!

Blindfold Act

An awesome 5 minute routine using nothing more than a real blindfold and a deck of cards. Jack’s Blindfold act has multiple phases that get more and more impossible

Mind Track

This is one of our favourite concepts on the DVD. It is totally impromptu and can be used for many different revelations!

Haunted Key

Jack’s take on this classic plot is mystical and touching. A perfect way to evoke emotion from your spectator. This one effect could actually change their life!