Magicians of Asia Bundle 3 by Tae Sang, Collin and Keanu Ho




This month we are featuring Keanu Ho, Collin, and Tae Sang.

Awesomebly by Tae Sang – A simple, direct and fooling coin matrix which is as efficient as it is deceptive. No gaffs are used in this routine. Just four regular coins, and four regular playing cards.

Collin’s Color Changing Deck – Four red backed queens change to blue backs. Then, the entire deck visually changes to a blue backed deck too. This routine is all about the subtleties. It is well within the reach of any card magician.

Jumbo Pass by Keanu Ho – This is an adaptation of the Muscle Pass which allows you to do it with a Jumbo Coin. While it may seem novel, anyone that performs the Muscle Pass, and ends with a Jumbo Coin, will be well aware that there is always someone who challenges you to make the big coin float upwards!