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Luca Volpe – Horus


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Luca Volpe – Horus


The ‘Horus’ contains some of Luca Volpes best kept secrets from his professional repertoire. Mixing a blend of clever thinking and easy to do methods, which creates stunning effects. Each routine is audience tested and contains everything you need to perform the effects, from the script to plenty of bonus tips.

No complicated props to build or expensive items to buy, but just pure mentalism that is suitable for stage and intimate performances.

Also included is a special graphic design which allows you to perform one of the effects that Luca Volpe has never revealed … until now!

Effect Descriptions:

THE “HORUS” EYE – A randomly chosen spectator is able to visualize an image, symbol or word that is sealed inside an envelope.

HALLUCINATION ACAAN – Any card at any number with a hallucination plot.

DOUBLE CONTROL: My personal twist to the ESP chair test routine- that you will use !!

PDR: An incredible Psycometry Drawing Routine that play’s big, with a clever method!

PEEK ENVELOPE: An utility device that you can build with less that 50 cent and is incredibly versatile!

IMPOSSIBLE PREDICTION:! My limited release manuscript is now here You can predict what a randomly chosen spectator will be wearing and how much money he will have in his pocket All the routine, plus bonus tips and extra handlings!!

“I met Luca through his first release, a great dvd, named ‘Thought of card in balloon and other mysteries’ and I immediately noted how cleaver his thinking is. Since then, I have started reading more of Luca’s effects and loved them all but I am having a particular affair with his new book ‘Horus’, highly recommended for all serious performers and for all of those, that like me, are in love with mentalism. ”

“It’s not often you get a hold on something of such value This PDF is an incredible journey into one of the cleverest minds of the time -. Any one who remembers his impossible prediction PDF will not only know what I’m talking about, but had better be prepared to have your minds blown AGAIN! ”