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Lockdownloads Volume 1 QUINTET by John Carey




Lockdownloads Volume 1 QUINTET by John Carey
Alakazam are delighted to release the first in a series by John Carey called the Lockdownloads! First up John performs and teaches his five phase card act, Quintet!

Never be at a loss to perform, either via the net or in person. The act consists of five beautiful effects, full of variety that will fool you and delight your audiences!

1. Rock n Roll Aces. A superb ace cutting routine that’s so deceptive , but also very easy to do.

2. Twisting the night away! Carey’s visual twisting the aces is so magical. No false counts. You will use this.

3. Slow Motion Daley. John’s progressive three phase approach to the last trick of Dr Daley is a stunner!

4. Think an Ace. So cheeky and yet so strong. Your spectator merely thinks of an Ace and you reveal it. A fooler! Did we tell you it’s self working too?

5. Invisible Palm 2020. We finish the act with a bang! Carey’s version of the classic invisible palm is just so magical. This version uses just the Aces and no extra cards. The construction is a delight and the vanish of the last Ace is sublime!

Peter joins John online as he explains everything in full detail. Nothing is left to chance, so that you will be able to learn these effects and act very quickly.

This is Quintet!