Linking Laces by Paul Harris, David Jockisch and William Goodwin




Linking Laces is one of the greatest impromptu effects in all of magic. This simple effect takes the classic solid through solid effect and allows you to leave your spectator with proof of a miracle.

Here’s what happens:

With no gimmicks, the magician gently massages the loops of a spectator’s shoelaces and they visually link together. The laces must be untied to come apart. The spectator’s shoes are re-tied and the laces link again, this time in their hands. You can then leave the spectator with their shoelaces linked together ending completely clean. This stunning effect allows you to create an impossible object with something that belongs to the spectator. It’s that strong and that easy to do.

In addition to detailed video instruction of this modern classic, you also learn a non-gimmicked version of the Self-Tying Shoelace.