Life Savers by Michael Weber (PDF)





Michael Weber’s collection of techniques and routines that can be performed with ordinary materials indigenous to particular locations. These routines can be quickly improvised in a variety of locations (the office, restaurants, bars, friends’ homes, or just out on the town).

Improvised vs. Impromptu: An introduction by way of definition.

The Expert at the Dinner Table:

You’re Uri
Coffee Machine
Hiding McBride
A Man for All Seasonings
Tear for Two (Ray Kosby)
Hot Production Item
Off the Deep End
Change of Seasons

Object Lessons:
Swatch This
The One-Two Punch
Thoughts of Tom Jacobsen
Down With Safety
An End to Pindemonium
Knot the Truth
Knocked for a Loop
Offhand Penetration

Little or Nothing:
Working Without a Grant
5 Cent Ring on Stick
Powers of Dimness
Penny Candy (Eric Maurin)
The Laying on of Hands
Directory Assistants

By One’s Own Devices:
Satan’s Serviette
United Divinations
Improvised Pulls
The Wrigley Device
Flame Thrower

On Location:
Undercover Transposition
To Feed Many
The Cap in the Bottle
Sight of Hand
Dispensed Deception
Appealing Illusion
Just the Fax
The Ship in the Bottle
20th Century Ten

Special Effects:
A better Mousetrap
Stretching It
Four Dollars in Change