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Laura London Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




Name an Ace- A fun way to produce any ace named. Great if you want to have a card quickly chosen and signed. Depending on what they choose, we talk about greek deals, crimps and shuffling controls.

An Ambitious Card- This routine is inspired by Michael Ammar. It’s a series of moves including Wesley James’ ‘Load up’. I use this effect to create a unique presentation to describe the similarities of the card cheat and the magician.

Card Counting Demo- This routine can be done with ANY stack. It is using a mem deck presentation that dupes the audience into thinking you have an extraordinary memory and great card counting skills.

Instinct/ Red and Black- This routine is using John Kennedy’s method for a classic Red and Black effect. I have my own presentation and subtleties that make this a really unique visual piece that works on stage and for close up using two audience members.

Shuffle Tracking- Using a very clever idea by David Britland, this is a great way to convince the audience of your tracking skills but better still… Your spectator will also be able to track cards too! With this deck you will also be able to do an ACAAN. It is simple to perform and we talk about how to ‘gaff’ the deck.

Order- This routine is the penultimate effect in my show CHEAT. This is a piece that is very close to my heart. I usually perform it to music. A shuffled deck is restored to order through an impressive series of moves, deals and shuffles. Inspired by Daniel Madison.

In this lecture I also talk of the creative process in writing my show CHEAT.