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John Bannon Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
John Bannon teaches a fantastic and practically self-working professional caliber card act that is as easy to do as it is baffling. The act goes from a borrowed shuffled deck to a four ace and royal flush production that is within the grasp of nearly every card handler. Only a few sleights are required to perform this fabulous act.

Line of Sight
Line of Sight is a very direct display of the performer knowing the exact card a spectator selects. Neatly packaged with an engaging presentation this opener stuns audiences with its directness.

Directed Verdict
A spectator freely cuts small packets of cards only to find the aces on the top of each packet.

Twisting the Aces
John’s handling of the classic twisting the aces not only teaches magicians the correct way to do this effect, but also includes a presentation that makes sense! In John’s handling the spectators can choose if the final ace turns face up or face down, and then a kicker ending in which the aces turn all face up and all face down in a very clean and simple fashion.

Secrets & Mysteries Of The 4 Aces
The four aces are fairly lost in the deck. The aces are produced from the deck in a variety of engaging ways inside of an engaging story of a poker game. Once all four aces are produced the magician reveals that not only have they produced the aces, but also a royal flush in spades.