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Jay Sankey – The Definitive Sankey (1-3)


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Joshua Jay, Andi Gladwin and Ben Sankey authors took four years to complete it a treasure. This is a large amount of engineering work , the same time the most comprehensive collection of all the magic and the material of a person , etc. So , this is the best.

Do you like it with borrowed money ? There are more than thirty effects magic with borrowed money . Mind magic it? There is a whole chapter devoted to this theme mentalism . About impromptu poker magic it? Over more than seventy processes.

If you want to buy all sankey and products , will total more than 6000 US dollars . Now , you can have the best -known classical effects and updating process , have your favorite effect , and hundreds of amazing miracle , you’ve never heard of …… all in one set in this 1200RMB bingo.More value is the DVD also includes a lengthy performances and teaching , by the vote to decide what is best for all of polymerization inside. Three huge hardcover book !Every hardcover , fully-indexed, and printing paper in gorgeous color rendering.You’ll find the best of all materials, including hard to find , out of print video and DVD. Even his theoretical writings , not previously disclosed the password , all on them.

Thousands clear picture …We asked ten innovative magician (including Richard Sanders, David Regal, Rune Klan , etc. ) listed ten of their favorite effects , why they chose their influence . They each plan included in this list , so you can see the most interesting collection .This very detailed , each a source of magic , the degree of difficulty , suitable extent , the details are all there in detail.

1600 pages. 500 tricks. 3 volumes. 1 mind. Welcome toThe Definitive Sankey.

Four years ago we (Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin) embarked on a literary journey to describe the very best of Jay Sankey’s enormous body of work The idea was simple:. If you eliminate the weak tricks from Jay’s unparalleled output of DVDs, books, tricks , and web videos, what you’re left with is a largely undiscovered treasure trove of magic-much of it without playing cards.

What we did not anticipate is that the project would take nearly four years of constant work to complete. This project is the largest, most comprehensive collection of one person’s magic ever released at one time. And the material is so, so, so good.

Do you like tricks with borrowed bills? There are over THIRTY effects with borrowed bills. Mentalism? A whole chapter devoted to the subject. What about impromptu card magic? Over SEVENTY such effects.

If you were to buy all of Jay’s books and releases separately, the total would exceed $ 6000. Finally, you can own the best of the best-the well-known Sankey classics, the updated handlings on your favorite effects, and hundreds of amazing miracles you have never heard of … all in one collection, for 150 dollars.

Better still, when you buy the book through Vanishing Inc. we include every trilogy will also come with a feature-length DVD performing and teaching what was voted by editors as the “best” of The Definitive Sankey. Three massive hardbound volumes and one DVD … all for 150 dollars (or 60 dollars per book separately).

Each book is hardbound, fully-indexed, and printed on treated paper in gorgeous two-color rendering.

You will find the best of all his material, including the hard-to-find books, out-of-print videos, and DVDs. Even his theory masterpiece, Beyond Secrets, Is included.

Thousands of crisp photographs were taken to make learning Sankey’s magic as informative and easy as possible.

We asked ten innovative magicians (including Richard Sanders, David Regal, Rune Klan and more) to list their ten favorite Sankey effects and why they chose them. Each of their curated lists are included in the book, so you can see what others find most interesting about Sankey.