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JAWBREAKER by Rasmus Magic




For the first time in magic, you get the ability to detect 3 different colored, heavy plastic balls (orange, blue and green) at 3 different locations. No electronics and 100% silent! You know exactly and accurately, where each ball is. The spectator places one ball in his pocket, puts one ball in the left hand and the third ball into his right hand. You know exactly, which colored ball is in the pocket, which ball is in the left hand and which ball is in the right hand. The greatest thing about this new trick is the fact that no electronics are involved. A completely new and self-contained method, never released before by “Rasmus”.

With Jawbreaker by Rasmus, you receive 3 hand made, different colored heavy plastic balls (24mm) plus everything you need to perform this incredible effect.

Picking up and ditching the gimmick takes 1 Second. You can perform sleeveless.
The gimmick involved works exclusively and perfectly with the custom-made balls.

The 3 Phase Routine looks like this:

1. The spectator receives the orange ball. You perform the “Which Hand?” three times in a row.

2. You introduce the blue ball. The spectator shuffles both balls behind his back and you know exactly where the blue and the orange ball is.

3. You introduce the green ball. All 3 different colored balls are put on a table, lying on wooden circles as a stand. You look away and advise the spectator to place one ball of his choice into his pocket. A second ball into his left hand and the third remaining ball into his right hand. Without touching his hands, you know exactly which ball is in his pocket and which ball is in his right and left hand.

Routine bonus: Detection of one ball, hidden under one of 3 or more Espresso cups. Very easy and accurate. Perfect for television, close up and stage.

Important Points:

– New gimmick that has never been released before.
– The 3 balls are handmade and completely custom manufactured in Switzerland.
– The gimmick works exclusively with the 3 balls.
– You can do a “Which Hand?” and as a kicker ending, doin’ the game with 3 different balls at 3 different locations (This has never been possible before, without the use of electronics)
– This product is the first of its kind. The performance can be learned easily.
– Very limited production
– The balls can be examined
– The balls can’t break apart
– The balls will last you a lifetime.
– No electronics involved – therefore, no batteries and no charging of anything
– No wordplay needed for detection.
– No noise. Works 100% silent
– The balls are approx. 24mm