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Jack Tighe Download Bundle #1 – Soft ESP Control & More




“Jack is my mate from England. I’m particularly impressed that, while he has great chops, he doesn’t steer towards difficult moves when a simpler solution exists. He’s unusual in that regard” John Bannon

“Jack is a supremely talented sleight of hand artist” Michael Vincent

“No you can’t have a quote, get out of my house” David Williamson

His clear, direct tuition will get you up to speed in no time, and you’ll quickly see why he is held in such high esteem by the great and the good of card magic.

Featured in the bundle are PEEKS TECHNIQUE – a one-on-one lesson in how to make your ‘peek’ a thing of utter beauty (honestly, the tips in this are worth the price of the entire bundle).

THE SOFT ESP CONTROL – a card is peeked at and clearly lost in the deck. One relaxed and loose shuffle and that card is on the bottom.

THE SCISSOR SHIFT – a fantastic move that will allow you to bring a peeked at card to the top of the deck right under their nose!

You’ll also TWO of Jack’ favourite routines – the whipcrack Ace assembly shocker of ‘LEMON PARTY’ and the brilliant ‘ROULETTE’ (Jack’s take on a Max Maven classic).